Get Your Matching Grant up to RM 5,000 thru Interlink Solution (certified Technology Solution Provider endorsed by MDEC)

Interlink Solution Sdn Bhd is a certified Technology Solution Provider (TSP) under the Malaysian Government’s Business Digitalisation Matching Grant initiative for SMEs.

Planning to Implement/ Upgrade your Accounting Software and Payroll Software but worried about the costing??

Solutions is here with SME Digitalisation Grant Malaysia 

No need to worry now! The 2020 Budget announced that in order to encourage the private sector to join the ranks of digital Malaysia, the government will provide a 50% matching grant of RM500 million over the next 5 years, allowing the first 100,000 SMEs to apply and receive a maximum of RM5,000 to purchase the services. This include enterprise software and electronic payroll systems to enhance the company’s operating systems.

This means that if your company buys Accounting Software Payroll Software, and Point of Sales(POS) through this award, you only need to pay half the price to own a set of powerful accounting / payroll / POS software.

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Join the Thousands of Malaysian Companies Using QNE Accounting Software to Transform Their Businesses!

webmobilewindow-SME Digitalisation Grant Malaysia

Accessible from Web, Mobile, and Windows

real-time-update-SME Digitalisation Grant Malaysia

Fully integrated with Real-Time Updates

business-ERP Grant Malaysia

Over 300 Complete Business Reports Available

highspeed-ERP Grant Malaysia

High Speed Processing

large-data-SME Digitalisation Grant Malaysia

Large Data Handling

backup-and-recovery-SME Digitalisation Grant

Automatic Scheduled Backup & Recovery

user-friendly-SME Digitalisation Grant Malaysia

User Friendly & Easy to Learn

training-SME Digitalisation Grant Malaysia

Complete Training Materials Provided

Get A Top-Rated POS Inventory System! You pay 50%, government pay 50%

⚠Get A Top-Rated POS Inventory System! You pay 50%, government pay 50%⚠
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