e-Com Orders & Inventory Management,
made easy!


Easy new channels, sell everywhere

Connect products to existing channels within few clicks. Easily expand your business across popular channels like Lazada, Shopee, Lelong etc.

Auto orders centrally sync effortlessly

A hub for all your sales. Enable you to process, fullfill and track orders status at anytime and anywhere. Save time & manpower! Say goodbye to delay or missing out on incoming orders.

Auto sync inventory painlessly

Real time, two-way inventory syncing updates stocks whenever and wherever order is done. Eliminating workload, overselling and data entry errors. No more stock-outs as there’s always right thing to sell, right price at the right place..

Real time analytics and better decisions

Take the guesswork out of growth with accurate sales & inventory reports. Leverage visibility into your stocks performance, margins and more to accelerate sales.


DynaMod gives you streamline order processing & billings so you can get products to customer faster.

Auto actions for high order volume

Orders from all channels are processed automatically within minutes. Quicken fulfillment & get paid right away.

Upkeep orders within clicks

Edit orders, create bills easily within one same platform anytime anywhere.

Track at a glance

Clear order status, new in, outstanding, cancel, refund invoices. Streamlined and manage under one hub.

Always right

Eliminate order missing, price, stock errors with less problem handling.

DynaMod gives you full control over your inventory with no need for third-party software

Auto sync inventory

Whenever an order is processed, stock will be auto deducted.

Stay informed

Set low stock notifications and be notified, no more stock-outs or overstocking.

Track at a glance

For each SKU, you know exactly how many you have on hand, and restock across multiple channels.

Full Visibility

Real time stock control for both online and offline as your business grows.

Update with a few clicks

Change stock levels & prices individually, or by batches. Easily allocate to multiple channels.


Streamline sales & inventory with a single platform & expand for future