Protecting Your Data from Ransomware

Make a recovery plan against encryption-based locker viruses

Ransomware is a rising threat against both business and home users that targets computers and network-based devices. A simple yet effective method of mitigating the threat of ransomware is to ensure that you always have up-to-date, remotely-stored backups. QNAP NAS is an ideal backup center that includes comprehensive backup features and supports point-in-time snapshots to help individuals and organizations protect important data, restore files, and avoid downtime.


What is locker ransomware?

Locker is a file-encrypting ransomware (Cryptolocker, CTB Locker, TeslaCrypt, and others) that encrypts files found on local drives, removable drives, mapped network drives, and even Dropbox mappings. Victims will be extorted a ransom to decrypt the affected files, or they will be unable to open the affect files ever again.

… And why is locker ransomware so troublesome?

Ransomware is typically spread through phishing emails, and mostly hidden in emails as attachments like .zip, .pdf, .doc, .exe, .js files, and more. It is difficult to identify, and self-spreading.

Traditional antivirus may not detect next-generation ransomware.

Locker ransomware uses asymmetric encryption or more advanced encryption methods which can be difficult (if not impossible) to break locally.

Victims are forced to pay (normally by untraceable means) to restore their files, or they face losing them forever.

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